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Version: v1.0.0

HTTP Trigger template (Azure Functions)

Create your first Arcus Azure Functions with HTTP Trigger project

First, install the template from NuGet:

> dotnet new --install Arcus.Templates.AzureFunctions.Http

When installed, the template can be created with shortname: arcus-az-func-http:

> dotnet new arcus-az-func-http --name Arcus.Demo.AzureFunctions.Http


Creates a starter worker project with by default configured:

  • Arcus secret store setup with Azure Key Vault secret provider (see more info here on what this includes)

  • Serilog as logging mechanism with default enrichers (version, application, and correlation when appropriate), sinking to Application Insights.

  • Example Azure Function HTTP 'order' trigger with:

    • HTTP correlation (see more info here on what this includes)
    • Request content and header to restrict to JSON content and JSON parsing with data model annotations validation
    • General exception handling that results in 500 Internal Server Error
    • OpenAPI docs generation and UI (see more info here)


And additional features available with options:

  • --include-healthchecks (default false): include a default Health Azure Function and health check services from the project
  • --exclude-openapi (default false): exclude the Azure Functions OpenAPI docs generation and UI from the project.
  • --exclude-serilog (default false): exclude the Serilog logging infrastructure in the Azure Functions project which includes default enrichers (version and application), and sinking to Application Insights.


As part of this template the following HTTP header value(s) are removed for security sake:

  • Server header * Provides information concerning the web runtime