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Version: v0.6

HTTP Trigger template (Azure Functions)

Create your first Arcus Azure Functions with HTTP Trigger project

First, install the template from NuGet:

> dotnet new --install Arcus.Templates.AzureFunctions.Http

When installed, the template can be created with shortname: arcus-az-func-http:

> dotnet new arcus-az-func-http --name Arcus.Demo.AzureFunctions.Http


Creates a starter worker project with by default configured:

  • Azure Function HTTP trigger with:
    • HTTP correlation (see more info here on what this includes)
    • Request content and header to restrict to JSON content and JSON parsing with data model annotations validation
    • Arcus secret store setup with Azure Key Vault secret provider (see more info here on what this includes)
    • Serilog as logging mechanism with default enrichers (version, application, and correlation when appropriate), sinking to Application Insights.
    • General exception handling that results in 500 Internal Server Error


As part of this template the following HTTP header value(s) are removed for security sake:

  • Server header * Provides information concerning the web runtime